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10 ways to Dominate Google in today’s world

It’d be evident to say that an active internet user can’t just let a day pass without doing any sort of search on mighty search engine platforms like Google. Google drives the major chunk of internet’s organic traffic, reason? Well, the platform is user-friendly and appealing. Google tends to evaluate websites on an array of parameters such as popularity, SEO, different types of scores etc. calculated on the basis of complex algorithms. For you as an end-user, beating the giant is not easy, but it’s not impossible for sure.

For those individuals who are looking forward to providing websites with a higher rank on Google, the below-mentioned ways can be their best pick. In this article, we’ll talk about the strategies that can be implied for the purpose of dominating the Google and getting a higher rank on the search engine index, hence obtaining more revenue.

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a long journey, the result generated in the end is just because of the dedicated inputs & patience. Let’s talk about the best-tested aspects that can ensure you with great incoming traffic hits, you can dominate the Google with the right strategy:

1. The speed of Website:

There is an index called SERPs i.e. Google Search Engine Results Pages, the main aim of the index is to evaluate the sites that load faster and display them as soon as a search is made. The speed of your website plays an important role when it comes to getting a decent rank on Google Search index.

What to do?

If your site loads slower or you wish to make it load faster, you can take help of portals & tools like GT Metrix, W3 Cache as well as Pingdom. These tools can provide you with the much-needed insights to your website and hence, you can keep a check on the behavior and hence, speed can be increased.

2. Content:

Content is one of the most prime factor deciding the viability of your website ranking on Google. A simple and high-quality content is what Google loves to read. Make sure that you don’t commit plagiarism of content, publishing original superior content and that too after equal intervals are the best thing that will help you. Your content must be engaging in nature as this is what people are going to read and get associated with the website. Capturing the attention is what the whole task of premium content is all about.

3. Content’s Length:

Length of the content you’re publishing matter as well. It simply doesn’t mean that you stuff the content with absurd information. This would surely rate your website down. An optimal content of more than 2000 words with regard to the segment you’re in is required. A good quality content is a savior with hidden talents. The content is more likely to be linked with other sites if it is more in length and most importantly, it makes sense.

4. Keywords:

Keywords are your friends, remember that. When it comes to increasing the chances of your website to be visited more or getting the limelight it deserves, keyword stuffing comes to the rescue. Getting your website in front of an audience from a bunch of similar websites is not easy, keywords are what makes it easier for a search engine to identify the potential site and display the results. Keywords should be inserted in the content such that the flow of content is natural and it doesn’t look overstuffed. LSI i.e. Latest Semantic Indexing system is what Google uses to evaluate and find the results based on Keywords included in the content.

5. User experience:

User experience is totally dependent on UI of the website. A better user-interface, a better user experience. An easy, appealing and viable website is what any visitor would prefer & so as Google. Make sure that you’re not featuring a lot of ads, one must also make sure that redirect link requests pop-ups are very few to zero on their website.

6. Colourful Multimedia:

Multimedia is what connects us with the site, including an array of original and high-quality videos, audio files as well as transition effects on your website can add grandeur to its appeal. It can also make a customer interact with the site in a better way, hence, ensuring a long association.

7. Engagement factor:

You’ve your site featuring an awesome content but you’re not getting the results, reason? Well, engagement is what that must be attained through all of your efforts. Make sure that your visitor is going through the whole content & they like it as well. Otherwise, bouncing rate would increase. One must stress upon increasing the conversion rate of visitors. Providing state of the art and relevant content is the key.

8. Mobile-friendly site:

In today’s world, when a major chunk of users is going online on their smartphones, ensuring a seamless functionality of your website on the mobile phones is of utmost importance. Make sure that the site loads fast and it features a blend of great content and gaudy transitions.

9. Crediting the sources:

Crediting the sources simply means citing them. In other words, to support the information which you’ve posted on your website requires you to cite the sources. This would promote the credibility of the website, the visitor would trust it and so as the search engine.

10. Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is the SEO killer, even one percent of copied content can rank your website way on the end pages of Google. You can think of hiring any writer for the purpose of producing 100% original and high-quality content. Descriptive knowledge, source backing up the information and 100% originality is what makes the content engaging and hence, a better SEO rank is achievable.