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Headphone Bass – What you need to know

No matter how confident
I am about the headphones that I recommend, one of the
things I hear a lot from people is that they aren’t getting enough bass. So there’s one really common problem that actually accounts for this and it all has to do with
how your headphones fit. So when music is coming
out of the drivers, those are the little
speakers inside your ear, it’s the bass frequencies
that are the ones that are most likely to escape. If you have a fit where
there’s a little bit of a gap or anything, immediately
gonna go out of your ear and you’re not gonna hear it. The other issue is especially
with little tiny earbuds, is that if the driver is
pointed the wrong way, it actually can cause the
frequencies to bounce around inside of your ear and make
them sound kinda weird. And of course, if the
headphones don’t fit correctly, they also can chafe or pinch or fall off. It’s worth your time to make
sure that your headphones fit you perfectly.

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Let’s look at what kind
of headphones we have. If you have headphones
like this, like AirPods, or something like this
that’s designed for running, they’re considered unsealed. So with these types of
headphones you’re not gonna have a complete seal around the
outside of your ear canal and the earbuds themselves. And the tuning on these
are designed to basically compensate for those frequencies escaping. That’s also the same thing
with those Audiophile open back headphones. But there really isn’t a
whole lot you can do about it. Essentially if the bass
escapes, that’s it. But it’s still worth
checking the fit on those because you wanna make sure
that they’re comfortable and that they’ll stay in
your ears and won’t fall out. (upbeat music) So if you’re trying to get
your over-ears to fit you, you can try adjusting the
headband or tilting it slightly up or down. In the case of ones that are
really big like these guys sometimes it may mean that
you don’t have the headband exactly straight up and down. You can tighten it and tilt it
slightly to get it to settle. And if it won’t do it
comfortably you gotta find some other headphones that
actually fit your head that are smaller.
(upbeat music) If you wear glasses, this
is one of the biggest things I hear from people, is when
they’re wearing over-ear headphones their glasses get in the way. When you have glasses on the
biggest thing you have to worry about are the arms. So you’re gonna wanna look
for something like this that has an on-ear design,
so that it doesn’t interfere at all the band of the glasses. Or you can look for
something that has a squishy memory foam like this, so
that when it goes around it actually can seal
completely around the arm and the sound doesn’t escape. What you wanna make sure you
look for though is you don’t have too big of a gap. So for something like
this it’s sort of soft, but you can that there’s
already a little bit of a hole right here and you’re gonna
start to lose not only the isolation but the bass. (upbeat music) In-ear headphones. They’re a whole other animal. Because you need to make
sure that when you have your ear canal that the sound doesn’t escape. So with something like
this the ideal is to have absolutely every surface on
the inside of your ear canal being touched by the tip of your earbud. If you get something that’s
too small it actually can create gaps like this
and they can fall out. Or if you have something that’s too big and you try to jam it in
there you can end up with little gaps because it
won’t, it’ll end up with like a folded thing here. And you’ll end up having
sound come out that way. If you are someone who for
whatever reason just says look I can never manage to
get in-ears to work for me. You might wanna look for
something called a comply tip or a foam tip. Essentially it’s like a memory
foam and you put them in. As it gradually expands,
covers the entire surface like that. You can actually look and
try to find some that would be compatible with your,
your type of headphone. (upbeat music) So with workout headphones
you need a little bit more to kind of hold it in there. So you’re gonna wanna look
for things that have wings.

Something like this, or you’re
gonna want something that has a hook. You need to make sure
that you keep in mind that the inner ear and
the outer ear aren’t always correlated so just
’cause you have a small tip doesn’t mean that you need a small wing. You may need a large wing and a small tip. You may need a small wing and a large tip. Don’t be afraid to experiment,
try different combinations, and even different tips and
wing sizes on different ears. When it has a hook like this
you wanna make sure that it actually can sit behind
your ear and look for some that have a little bit of flex to it. Try to bend it so that it
sits behind your ear a little bit better and holds it on,
’cause if it just hovers above your ear it’s not really doing anything. (upbeat music) But no matter what headphones
you’re working with the best thing to do is just keep
adjusting and try to figure out what works for you. One last trick that you can try, I like to call it the fingertip test. Rub your fingertips
together outside of your ear after you’ve put your headphones on, and see if you can hear
that little sound of your fingers rubbing together. If you can you probably
don’t have a great seal. And you know what, if
you’ve tried everything and you still can’t find the sweet spot, don’t be afraid to exchange it. It just might not be right for your head. Just ’cause it fits a
bunch of other people, it might not fit you. Jump around, shake your head,
especially if you’re doing workout headphones. And if they’re not
comfortable about 15 minutes they’re gonna be really
uncomfortable after about an hour.

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